Can I scatter cremated ashes in the National Park?

The National Park Authority owns very little land in the National Park and so the answer must be that you must get the permission of the landowner first. The Park Authority appreciate that people can develop a great attachment for particular places within Eryri and has no objection to scattering ashes provided that permission from the landowner has been granted.

Will the spreading of ashes affect the natural life of the area?

The National Park Authority would not be in favour of anything which changes the natural ecosystem in areas of conservation interest. Approximately 29% of Eryri is designated for its special scientific significance and requests within SSSI and NNR sites would require consultation.

Can I spread ashes on the summit of Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon)?

The National Park Authority leases an area of land on the summit of Yr Wyddfa from the Welsh Government. However, the summit is a very popular and busy are throughout the year and weather conditions can vary considerably. Given the high numbers of walkers there can also be a distinct lack of privacy for what can be a sensitive activity for a family, and it can also upset and inconvenience others. Other peaks are less busy and provide more privacy and may be used with the landowners’ permission. The cautionary note regarding areas of conservation interest still applies.

Can I erect a memorial plaque, stone or bench in memory of a loved one?

The National Park Authority is not in favour of memorial stones, plaques or benches as they can detract from the feeling of wildness that many people come to enjoy. However, certain formally managed sites may be suitable and while the Park Authority do not have any suitable areas, the National Trust or Natural Resources Wales may be able to assist.

Any plaques or memorials placed on Yr Wyddfa will be removed.

Alternatively to acknowledge a loved one the Park Authority can accept donations specifically to help with the upkeep of areas within the National Park.