The primary public body responsible for the National Park

The National Park Authority’s work covers a wide range of issues from planning and development to conservation, forestry and agriculture.

The Authority is the primary public body responsible for the National Park and has statutory functions that must be fulfilled.

The National Park Authority Purposes

The Authority shares the same functions as many other Authorities across England and Wales. These are statutory functions.

  1. To protect and enhance natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage
  2. To promote opportunities for the public to understand and enjoy the special qualities of the National Parks.

In fulfilling these functions, National Park Authorities are also required to support the economic and social well-being of the National Park’s local communities.

Rhododendron clearance work in Nant Gwynant
Conservation, Trees and Agriculture
The Conservation, Trees and Agriculture department deals with conservation issues across the National Park and works with partners to respond to some of the challenges facing Eryri today.
Conservation, Trees and Agriculture
A warden looks over the foothills of Snowdon in heavy rain
Wardens and Access
Wardens work across the National Park, undertaking various roles such as landscape restoration, engaging with local communities and working with local farmers.
Wardens and Access
Planning and Cultural Heritage
The National Park Authority is responsible for all planning and development matters within the boundaries of the National Park. They ensure that developments within the National Park do not have a negative impact on Eryri's special qualities.
Planning and Cultural Heritage
A Wyddfa Partnership conference meeting
The department of Engagement is responsible for promoting and celebrating the special qualities of Eryri to the public and the wider world. They also work with partners to plan a sustainable future for the National Park.
Authority Work Highlights

Some of the recent highlights of the Authority’s work in Eryri National Park.

Hafod Eryri
Opening the Hafod Eryri building on the summit of Yr Wyddfa. This is one of the highest visitor centres in Britain.
Yr Ysgwrn
Purchasing Yr Ysgwrn, securing the future of the farmhouse as a symbol of national history for generations to come.
Rhododendron Ponticum
Clearing an area equivalent to 400 hectares of Rhododendron Ponticum—one of the National Park's most disruptive invasive species.
Cynllun Eryri
Launching the National Park's statutory management plan, Cynllun Eryri, in 2020. Co-operation with partners is central to this exciting plan.
A volunteer works on a stone path in the National Park.
Volunteering with the Authority
Many volunteering opportunities are available with the several associations working across the National Park. Volunteering with the Authority or these associations can make a big difference to the future of Eryri.