A unique partnership between Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales and two National Park Authorities in Wales will see the best-selling book Geiriau Diflanedig -The Lost Words brought to life in two fully bilingual exhibitions for the first time this summer.

Geiriau Diflanedig – The Lost Words explores the relationship between language and the living world, and of nature’s power to spark the imagination. The touring exhibition, which is organised by Compton Verney, with Hamish Hamilton and Penguin Books, will bring together, for the first time the original artwork by Jackie Morris alongside the English language poems by Robert Macfarlane and Welsh language poems written by Mererid Hopwood.

The award-winning book The Lost Words uses stirring spell-songs and eye-catching illustrations to reintroduce the fading faces of nature to our vocabularies and in turn, inspire us to join the fight to reverse their plight. The Welsh publication, Geiriau Diflanedig was published by Graffeg in 2019.

The collaboration between Amgueddfa Cymru, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority and Eryri (Snowdonia) National Park Authority will see words and watercolours from the book on display at Yr Ysgwrn in Gwynedd from Sunday 25 June 2023 and at Oriel y Pare Gallery and Visitor Centre in Pembrokeshire from Sunday 2 July 2023.

At Oriel y Pare in St Davids, specimens from the natural history collections of Amgueddfa Cymru will also be used to highlight the level of biodiversity loss and explain the work being done to try and arrest this decline.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority Chair, Cllr Di Clements, said:

“The Lost Words has already reintroduced nature to the language and lives of many people since its release, and it is hoped this exhibition will help amplify the rallying call of this rousing work still further.

“This unique collaboration brings together three organisations with shared aims and objectives, to promote nature, culture and heritage and highlight the issues impacting on these important elements of our everyday lives.

“It will also give people an insight into efforts being made to combat the threats that nature and the Welsh language face, as well as what steps people can take to help tackle these issues.”

Jonathan Cawley, Director of Planning and Land Management, Eryri (Snowdonia) National Park Authority said,

“Yr Ysgwrn is home to several species featured in Geiriau Diflanedig/The Lost Words and bringing this exhibition of lost words to the home of Wales’ lost poet, widely known for his nature inspired poetry is an exceptional privilege. Bringing together the beauty of species and their enchanting names, Geiriau Diflanedig – The Lost Words never fails to inspire and its ability to engage young people in the importance of nature recovery and fostering our cultural heritage and the Welsh language in Eryri is particularly significant”.

A series of special events and activities will be held at Oriel y Pare and Yr Ysgwrn to encourage more people to discover more about Geiriau Diflanedig – The Lost Words and use the spell-songs to conjure their own magic memories in nature.

Nia Williams, Director of Learning and Public Programmes, Amgueddfa Cymru added:

“We are delighted to be collaborating in partnership with Oriel y Pare and Yr Ysgwrn to bring this exhibition to communities across west and north Wales.

“Following the publication of Geiriau Diflanedig, this is now a perfect time here in Wales to celebrate the Welsh language poems of Mererid Hopwood alongside the beautiful illustrations by Jackie Morris. We are proud to be presenting this exhibition in Welsh for the first time.”

Abby Viner, Director of Creative Programming, Compton Verney, said:

“We are delighted to be working with Amgueddfa Cymru – Museum Wales to present The Lost Words in Wales for the first time, and what a successful partnership it’s been working with the two venues who will be showing the works, with National Museum Wales co-ordinating. We can’t wait to see the exhibition in these fabulous venues.”

Geiriau Diflanedig – The Lost Words will be on display at Yr Ysgwrn in Trawsfynydd from Sunday 25 June 2023 until spring 2024. For more information on this exhibition visit www.yrysgwrn.com/en/visit/lost-words-exhibition.

Geiriau Diflanedig – The Lost Words will be on display at Oriel y Pare Gallery and Visitor Centre in St Davids from Sunday 2 July 2023 until spring 2024. For more information on this exhibition visit www.orielyparc.co.uk/the-lost-words.

For more information about The Lost Words book visit www.thelostwords.org.