The event is being organized by the National Park Authority in partnership with Keep Wales Tidy and other local organisations and is open to everyone who wants to get involved in creating a cleaner, greener, and more beautiful Wales.

The Spring Clean Cymru event is an annual initiative that aims to inspire communities across Wales to come together to clean up the local areas that they live, work and visit. This year, one of the main events will focus on Yr Wyddfa, one of the most iconic and visited mountains in the UK, attracting over 600,000 visitors each year.

The event will involve a large-scale litter pick to help restore and enhance the natural beauty and biodiversity of the area. The event will also promote the importance of responsible tourism and sustainable travel, encouraging visitors to Yr Wyddfa to leave no trace and respect the local environment.

Peter Rutherford, the Access and Wellbeing Manager at the National Park Authority said:

“The Spring Clean Cymru event is a fantastic opportunity for us to work together with our partners and local communities and volunteers to make a positive impact on the Yr Wyddfa area. By cleaning up litter we can help protect the natural environment and enhance the visitor experience, while also promoting sustainable tourism and supporting the local economy.”

This will also be a great opportunity for people to learn more about the Authority’s Plastic Free Yr Wyddfa initiative, a pioneering project which aims to reduce the volume of plastic litter found in the area, by influencing visitor behaviour and business practices.

Alec Young, the Plastic-Free Yr Wyddfa Officer at the National Park Authority said:

“The project involves working with local businesses, schools, and communities to reduce single-use plastics and to encourage visitors to opt for reusable and sustainable alternatives. By raising awareness about the impact of plastic pollution on the environment and encouraging responsible behaviour, Plastic Free Yr Wyddfa aims to protect the natural beauty of the area for future generations.”

The event will mark the start of the volunteering season in the Eryri National Park and is a fantastic way to get involved in efforts to improve the local area, and there will be plenty of volunteering opportunities available throughout the year.

The Caru Eryri partnership, which includes National Park Authority and a range of other organisations, aims to protect the natural beauty of the area. The team was recently named as the prestigious ‘2022 Litter Heroes’ at the Keep Britain Tidy awards. Volunteering with Caru Eryri is a great way to get involved in this important work and help make a positive difference in the National Park.

Daniel Goodwin, Senior Conservation Officer at Cymdeithas Eryri Snowdonia Society said:

“From April to September teams of volunteers, partner staff and mountain leaders head out to popular areas of Eryri (Snowdonia), managing litter and providing support and advice to members of the public.  These volunteers come from all walks of life.  They come together to help look after places they care about.  The activities are friendly and well-organised, with training and sessions to suit everyone.  It’s a chance to meet likeminded people, spend a day in wonderful scenery and feel good about having made a positive impact.”

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