The National Park Authority is embarking on substantial changes to manage planning use classes within Eryri. This proposed shift is driven by the increasing impact of holiday homes and second homes on local communities, language and culture.

The National Park Authority has today approved the next step of engagement on introducing an Article 4 Direction to manage the change of use from residential housing to holiday use (second homes and holiday accommodation), a necessary move to control the use of houses within Eryri. This strategic initiative aligns with Cyngor Gwynedd’s similar efforts, poised to take effect in September 2024.

Data analysis reveals the combined percentage of second homes and holiday accommodation for the National Park for 2023 is 17.4%, significantly higher than the figure for areas in the counties of Gwynedd and Conwy. with far-reaching impacts on housing affordability.

The next steps will include a comprehensive engagement period, spanning six weeks and the public will be informed through a dedicated web page, social media updates and direct correspondence.

The National Park Authority will meticulously consider public comments, culminating in a Consultation Report and a final decision on the Article 4 Direction proposal. If confirmed, the Direction will come into effect in June 2025, following a 12-month notice period.

Rigorous assessments, including an Equality Impact Assessment, Welsh Language Impact Assessment, and alignment with the Well-being of Future Generations Act, will contribute towards the decision-making process.

Discussions with the Welsh Government and Cyngor Gwynedd aim to secure additional planning resources, vital for the effective implementation of the proposed changes.

The National Park Authority’s proactive stance reflects a commitment to ensuring the well-being and sustainability of its communities amidst the evolving challenges posed by the increase in holiday homes and second homes. The proposed changes aim to strike a delicate balance, preserving the unique character of Eryri for future generations.