Eryri National Park Authority, whose work covers a wide range of issues in Eryri, including improving and protecting a unique landscape, restoring nature, responding to climate change, providing opportunities to enjoy the special values ​​of Eryri and managing the impact of visitors, is looking for a new Chief Executive.

Eryri National Park, which is home to over 26,000 residents and attracts almost 4 million unique visitors a year, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, including high peaks, quiet valleys, a wide coastline and extensive recreational opportunities.

The new Chief Executive will provide inspirational leadership, strategic direction, and best practice advice to ensure that statutory functions are carried out effectively within a framework of stakeholder partnership, legislative rigour, performance management, and political scrutiny. As Head of the Paid Service, the Chief Executive will ensure the best possible use of human and financial resources to achieve the Authority’s aims and objectives.

The key responsibilities will include acting as the main policy advisor, developing high quality statutory and organisational policies that align with the Authority’s purposes and stakeholder requirements.

The Authority is looking for a leader who will play a vital role in implementing our three statutory plans namely the Management Plan (Cynllun Eryri), the Local Development Plan and our Well-being Statement which together outline the medium- and long-term vision and priorities of the Authority. These plans are developed through extensive consultations which emphasise partnership and community participation to achieve our strategic goals.

Fluency in Welsh is an essential requirement for this role.

More information on the Goodson Thomas website.