Yr Ochr Draw is the culmination of an online creative project by the Ysgwrn and the community of Trawsfynydd. During the last lock down, a group of young people , adults and children of the local primary school collaborated with various artists over Zoom and Meet to create a song and music video.

The artists involved in the project were musicians Gai Toms and Manon Llwyd, visual artist Catrin Williams, editor Rhys Grail and creative coordinator Siwan Llynor. The voices and footage for the video were all mainly recorded on mobile phones.

Gai Toms and Siwan Llynor has previously worked creatively with the community and the Ysgwrn on a theatre production ‘Yr Awen’. The aim of this project was to continue the creative connections and collaboration between the Ysgwrn and the local community in challenging times ,and to celebrate the local area and its magnificent landscape. It is also a record of a unique time in history and a song of hope as we look forward to the future.

Thank you to the Welsh Government for their support.

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