20 November—20 December 2023

There are many types of recreation activities that occur within the National Park (NP) – these are wide ranging and varied and many have increased significantly over recent years.

With this in mind is important that the Authority has a relevant and up to date Recreation Strategy in place to enable us to move forward. It is important that the document is flexible and encompasses changing patterns. It is also important that this document is closely aligned and reflects those objectives and outcomes contained within the statutory Management Plan (Cynllun Eryri).

The Recreation Strategy explains the Authority’s perspective relating to various recreational activities that occur within the National Park boundary and the activity statements contained in the latter half of the document are an important element within it.

Whilst a considerable amount of informal consultation has taken place with user groups to draft this document, the next stage allows for a more formal consultation with our partners and stakeholders. With this in mind we ask that you give this document your attention and send us any comments or observations, before it is formally adopted.

The date of issue is 20th November, and we would like to receive any observations or comments by the 20th December. These can be sent directly to:

Peter Rutherford, Access and Wellbeing Manager
Snowdonia National Park Authority

Snowdonia National Park Authority
National Park Offices
LL46 6LF