Working together to care for Yr Wyddfa

Yr Wyddfa is the most popular mountain in the United Kingdom. This has a significant impact on the people who live and work in the area.

The Yr Wyddfa Partnership has been working together to create a management plan for the mountain.

The Partnership

The Yr Wyddfa Partnership is a group set up to create and implement a new management plan for Yr Wyddfa.

The Partnership brings together organisations and landowners involved in managing the mountain. Partnership work can range from conservation and path management to tourism, farming and mountain rescue.

We are at an interesting time for the management of special places like Yr Wyddfa, at a time where understanding, respect and consensus about the way forward is key…

–Emyr Williams, Chief Executive, Snowdonia National Park Authority

Yr Wyddfa Plan

Yr Wyddfa is home to vibrant, lively communities and several upland farms. It is a national asset and the UK’s most popular mountain in terms of visitors, attracting people from all over Wales, the United Kingdom and the world.

Looking after Yr Wyddfa is a complicated task and close co-operation is essential to its success. The Yr Wyddfa Plan sets out how organisations, landowners and other stakeholders can work together to protect the mountain.

View the Plan (Yr Wyddfa Partnership website)

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